February Valentine and a March Harvest

So 2016 ended with a crash-bang-wallop, and the proverbial wheels fell off for the Slow Wine Weekends’ team. We were both somewhat distracted by other things – like opening a wine bar in McGregor and finishing off a major research project. Anyhow, we are back and are again dreaming up fabulous slow wine weekends for all you wine and food lovers out there.sam_5457

Starting in February, we begin with Bubbles for Lovers: delay Valentine’s day and make a weekend of it. It’s less than a month away, so for more information and to book – before 20 January – please click here.

At the end of March is our Harvest Experience. The end of summer is the busiest time in the valley and in the wineries. The harvest marks the end of the grape’s life cropped-sam_0778.jpgin the vineyard and the beginning of her journey to becoming fabulous wine.

This four-day experience is designed around a number of fun activities that are typical of this time of the year. Click here to book now.

We are also delighted to welcome a new “in-the-village” accommodation partner, Tumbleweed Cottage. Read about our accommodation partners here.

We wish you all a fabulous 2017 – with lots of fabulous wine and food – and hope you will join us for a slow wine weekend, soon.

Remember:  If you want us to organise a special Slow Wine Weekend for your party of between 8 and 12 people, please contact us