Weekends are slow, not just because they are designed to be leisurely, but because wine is not the same without food:  in addition to visiting estates, the itinerary will include meals accompanied by local wines.

Weekends begin on a Friday evening over sundowners and dinner, concluding with a leisurely Sunday brunch or lunch.  Each weekend’s itinerary is different, determined by the season and can be customised to suit any occasion.

The thinking behind Slow Wine Weekends

McGregor is not on a major route.  It really is off the beaten track and when anyone visits, it is a conscious choice.  People don’t just pass through and think that it might be a good place to stop, browse or stay, so they miss out on the wonderful wine and fabulous fare that is on offer.  Slow Wine Weekends is not about free lunches – they never happen.  Rather, Slow Wine Weekends (whether they are Friday to Sunday, or Monday to Thursday), is about making sure everyone at least has a good lunch accompanied by even better wine.  Just as we showcase local wines, our goal is to reveal other treasures buried in our village:  crafters, cooks, chefs, and magnificent scenery.

This means that Slow Wine Weekends are a win-win for everyone:  the wineries, accommodation establishments and restaurants, the local economy, and most especially our Slow Wine Weekend guests.

Your hosts


Slow Wine Weekends is Fiona’s brainchild.  She is a typical Piscean dreamer who both likes people, and her own space;  she loves living in McGregor and is a proud South African, who is equally proud of her Scottish heritage.

Fiona is a blogger and longtime consultant in post-school education and training.


Susan bought a little cottage in McGregor with the intention of having it as a holiday home in the country. Three months later she moved to McGregor, permanently, and opened Grape De-Vine, McGregor’s best boutique wine bar. She loves cats and cows and these are found in abundance in McGregor.

Susan has 20 years experience in the hospitality industry and ran a training business in Cape Town.